Wall Street Playaz



The Bear.


Thanks investors for coming out to support every year, our 6th Annual Tax Day show was a blast!

We’ve been working really hard on our I.P.O. and we’re already super-impressed with what we’ve heard – can’t wait until you guys get a chance to hear some. We’ve spent countless hours writing, rewriting, recording, and mixing. We’ll be debuting a few new tracks at each our upcoming shows while we prep the album.

Below are some of your chances!

No shows booked at the moment.

OH! And have you heard of this fancy magical music getting device – iTunes. – No?


…iTunes Link – hit it

And check out some of the latest Wall Street Playaz merch. It’s always fiscally responsible to invest in some fashion. Alternate style will be available at venues.

Check back here often for the latest WSP information, and look around the site and tell us what you think.

- wallstreetplayaz